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It’s been over a year that we’ve had the pandemic, and we’re all still in this state of limbo between the pandemic and “normal” but it’s becoming more easy to assume that the world will never go back to its old ways. The earth is healing and we have found more efficient ways of working that eliminates the stress of commutes and allows us to focus more and find more flexibility in our day to day. But remote working does not come without its challenges. One of the biggest corporate concerns around remote working is security, with productivity and health coming in right after. In this article, we will share some helpful tips that can help you stay safe, productive and healthy while working from home.

Secure your home network

Security is a big deal when it comes to remote working and one of the easiest ways to secure your system is making sure that you follow the right security protocols at home, just as you would at the office. Make sure that you change your password regularly, and don’t forget your WiFi password as well. Try to avoid using an open network, as these networks are wide open, leaving you vulnerable to attack. While you might think it’s innocent to connect to a coffee shop WiFi, always opt for a private, secured network; work or play.

Make a to do list

While this seems like the obvious thing to do, we sometimes don’t remember to do this when we’re working at home. It might be part of your morning or evening routine at the office, when you just get in or when you’re wrapping up for the day, or even on your commute. Remember to make that hit list of things that need to be done today, tomorrow and sometime in the near future.

Take regular breaks

When you’re at the office, a large portion of the day gets diluted with office chatter and conversations with colleagues. While working from home, you might not get as many breaks so it’s important to take regular ones. Set a 7 timer to focus on work for an hour and then get up and have a stretch while refilling your tea or coffee, just as you would at the office.

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Have dedicated focus time

While taking breaks is great for your focus, home can also be a distracting place. It’s important to respect your working time and keep yourself as distraction free as possible. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb and grab some headphones, or better yet, put that phone in another room. If you have kids or others at home, explain that you need to focus for a couple of hours and tell them what time you should be finished, so that reduces the likelihood of being disturbed. Don’t forget to tell your work colleagues that you are putting your phone on DND mode to work, in case they need you urgently.


When you’re working from home, you’re likely doing far less exercise than when you were commuting to an office. Even if you drove to the office, you still had to walk around it, from the kitchen to your desk, which is likely much further than the distance between your laptop and your coffee machine 2 meters away

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Part of your wellbeing is drinking enough fluids. Hydration is key to ensuring your brain is in top working shape, and your other organs will thank you for it as well. It might be easy to forget to drink when you’re at home, so grab a bottle and fill it up on your work focus sprints. This is a great way to pair the two: fill up a bottle and start a work sprint; by the time the work sprint is over, that bottle should be empty, and you now have to fill it up on your break. This ensures your focus, hydration, exercise and break, all in one. 8 You can also take this opportunity to quickly check your phone, but remember to put it back down and get ready for the next focus sprint!

Introducing engineering services

Even in the midst of a pandemic, we’re hard at work, improving our team and internal resources to better support your business and its technology requirements. We’re very happy to introduce our engineering services, headed by our new Technical Director Oz Harman. This brings a different level of service to you, our clients, but also creates an exciting new area of service that we can excel in.

What are Smart Hands?

As businesses grow, their technology needs expand. Many smaller to medium businesses have an internal team that manages their day-to-day IT requirements in addition to their data centre and server infrastructure, but as the business grows and the requirements expand, your internal IT team’s todo list can become too much to handle. Hiring, training and maintaining a larger IT team to perform data centre and server infrastructure requirements isn’t ideal as it can significantly eat into your profit margins. Enter stage right, Smart Hands services from Connectium, that parachute in to service your needs without reducing your profit margin.

There are still some businesses are managing servers on location, that is, in the same location or building at your office’s IT team. However, most aren’t and are leaving the hosted data centre infrastructure models, and leveraging a combination of cloud services, offsite IT infrastructure and colocation facilities. This move allows businesses to lower the risks and costs involved with having in-house infrastructure and pivot to locations with more ideal geographic areas that are safe and economical and lower risk factors, such as physically cooler locations and locations with less environmental events (such 9 as earthquakes or floods).

As technology evolves and becomes more sophisticated, remote data centres can be managed and monitored from the office, rather than having a full team stationed on-premise, which can get expensive. In addition to running more efficiently, there will be times or projects for which you need a larger team, and here is where Smart hands become really handy. While many remote infrastructure and colocation facilities have a team on-site to manage basic tasks, such as rebooting a server or disconnecting and reconnecting cables, Smart Hands teams are much more complex, handling tasks such as the setup and configuration of new IT equipment, cabling and cable management, and testing and troubleshooting should it be required.

How does Connectium’s Smart Hands work?

We’re an incredibly agile team in the data centre and server infrastructure world with a lot of hands-on experience. Firstly, let’s highlight the fact that we can give your IT or project teams the flexibility to scale up or down rapidly when support is needed, no matter the day or time. Yes, you read that right: 24/7, 365 days a year. We understand that things can go awry at any time or day, and it often happens outside of typical working hours, so we ensure that someone is right there to answer your call, should you need support or engineering resources.

Our Smart Hands team can perform modular break/fix services on your server, storage and networking hardware, granting your internal IT teams the ability to focus on more key areas of their department, with the knowledge that your infrastructure is in experienced, capable hands.

As an extension of your IT or project team, our Smart Hands team assist with roll outs, audits, relocations, moves and changes, and so much more.

Give us a call today on 0208 933 3001 or send an email to to find out how our Smart Hands team can support your business!

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“The team at Connectium are phenomenal. They have delivered our project on time and beyond our expectation. They are extremely approachable and easy to work with them.”

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“The team at Connectium are phenomenal. They have delivered our project on time and beyond our expectation. They are extremely approachable and easy to work with them.”

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“The team at Connectium are phenomenal. They have delivered our project on time and beyond our expectation. They are extremely approachable and easy to work with them.”

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