“Put your data centre to the test”

Can your existing technology infrastructure handle the pressure? Don’t play the guessing game – be certain and reduce downtime and business interruptions in the future.

bank rental Load Bank Rental

Load bank rental, and so much more

Whether you want a simple load bank service to test your data centre, or you want a complete on-site service, we can support you.

We offer a wide range of SMART load banks allowing you to test your data centre, with rack mounted load banks acting as real server emulators, floor standing load banks with integrated ATS and dual power supplies, and high power load banks up to 300kW with low delta T and quick and safe connections. You can even remotely control up to 200 load banks simultaneously!

Going beyond, Connectium offers on-site service, with delivery of equipment on-site anywhere in England, installation and decommissioning of load banks and support on-site during tests, so that no matter what happens, you know that we are right there to support you and your business.

We also offer temporary containment solutions, and monitoring solutions 23 with 3D modelling and visualisations.

Why choose Connectium for data centre cabling?

With almost a decade of experience cabling datacentres for relocations, migrations and tech updates, the Connectium team brings you best-in-class expertise to de-risk your project.

Deploying factory-tested and certified cables massively reduces the risk of connectivity failures on Go-Live day – and in the following weeks.

And with only minimal cabling adjustment needed between equipment installation and Go-Live, the risk of you not meeting your target timescale is minimised.