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It is a fact of life that, over time, the documentation for server rooms and data centres becomes less and less accurate and up-to-date. Often, the cabling becomes less than perfectly tidy too.

In real-life, not every move, add or change gets properly recorded. Turnover of staff and the effects of emergency fault-finding just make it worse.

As a result, fault rectification becomes more difficult resulting in extended downtime.

Get back in control

From time to time, it is good practice to do a full audit and establish a new, fully accurate, documentation baseline. This simplifies ongoing management and makes fault-finding significantly faster reducing your downtime and business interruption.

Are you planning a server relocation or migration?

To ensure that the servers can be moved, re-installed and functioning in the least possible downtime, the new location needs to be successfully pre-wired and ready to receive the equipment.

This requires that an accurate map of each server, switch and ancillary equipment documented – together with their exact interconnections – must to be prepared in advance of the move.

All of this documentation will be in place following an IT audit.

Standard Audit

You will receive documentation which maps all equipment and locations, together with a record of all connected physical ports, both management and network.

Tracing Audit

In addition to the standard audit, Connectium will physically trace every connection in your datacentre, creating a complete connectivity map detailing how the servers are interconnected and documenting all critical information.

No ports are disconnected during this physical trace which is undertaken by skilled engineers.

For higher risk environments, we tailor our service according to your needs. Often, our clients opt for an out of hours physical trace.

Move, Add and Change Control

Would you benefit from a more accurate process for moves, adds and changes?

To ensure that your data centre documentation remains accurate after your audit, Connectium can devise an effective bespoke solution for your people to operate day-to-day. We can also add quality control by means of a programme  of regular re-audits if you desire.

Why choose Connectium for your Data Centre Audit?

The Connectium team has been conducting datacentre audits (and large data centre migrations) for almost a decade.

In that time, hundreds of clients have enjoyed successful audits to make their documentation 100% accurate and up-to-date.

Connectium audits are virtually risk-free, because we only use non-invasive techniques; meaning there is no need for any disconnection or downtime.

Don’t take risks with your data centre, call on the safest hands in the industry to put you back in control.

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