Server Room and Data Centre Cabling

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Are you planning a server relocation, server migration or technology refresh?

The pressures of business often mean that your project needs to be done with the minimum downtime. Avoiding the frequently expensive risk of failing to meet your target Go-Live timescale.

To ensure a smooth transition, you may need the destination site to be fully pre-cabled and patched – before a single server or switch is disconnected.

This means that on migration day (or night), each server, switch and ancillary equipment can be mounted in its rack and immediately connected to pre-installed cables.

All of these can be fully pre-patched in line with the pre-move audit, or your own existing documentation.

Cable tidy up

Sometimes, the result of months and years of moves, adds and changes is, that data centre or server room cabling gets too untidy to permit efficient operations and fault-finding.

It is time to bring it back under control with a ‘re-cable’.

Using our tried and tested minimum-timescale, minimum-risk processes, you can have Connectium completely refresh your data centre or server room cabling. Bringing it back to best practice and a ‘brand-new datacentre’ look.

Delivering for you a cabling system that is easy to manage, easy to make operational changes and easy to fault-find. So that you can give your business the best IT service and minimum risk of downtime.

All of this can be programmed in out-of-hours phases if you wish, to keep disruption of your business to the absolute minimum.

Why choose Connectium for server room / data centre cabling?

With almost a decade of experience cabling datacentres and server rooms for relocations, migrations and technology updates, the Connectium team brings you best-in-class experience and expertise to de-risk your project.

Deploying factory-tested and certified cabling massively reduces the risk of connectivity failures on Go-Live day – and in the following weeks.

And with only minimal cabling adjustment needed between equipment installation and Go-Live, the risk of you not meeting your target timescale is minimised.

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