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Are you planning a server relocation, migration or technology refresh?

The pressures of business often mean that your project needs to be done with the minimum downtime. Avoiding the frequently expensive risk of failing to meet your target Go-Live timescale.

To ensure a smooth transition, you may need the destination site to be fully pre-cabled and patched – before a single server or switch is disconnected.

This means that on migration day (or night), each server, switch and ancillary equipment can be mounted in its rack and immediately connected to pre-installed cables.

All of these can be fully pre-patched in line with the pre-move audit, or your own existing documentation.

Cable tidy up – Structured cabling & avoid future hassle

Sometimes, the result of months and years of moves, adds and changes is, that data centre cabling gets too untidy to permit efficient operations and fault-finding.

It is time to bring it back under control with a ‘re-cable’.

Using our tried and tested minimum-timescale, minimum-risk processes, you can have Connectium completely refresh your data centre cabling. Bringing it back to best practice and a ‘brand-new data centre’ look.

Delivering for you a cabling system that is easy to manage, easy to make operational changes and easy to fault-find. So that you can give your business the best IT service and minimum risk of downtime.

All of this can be programmed in out-of-hours phases if you wish, to keep disruption of your business to the absolute minimum.

Why choose Connectium for data centre cabling?

With almost a decade of experience cabling datacentres for relocations, migrations and tech updates, the Connectium team brings you best-in-class expertise to de-risk your project.

Deploying factory-tested and certified cables massively reduces the risk of connectivity failures on Go-Live day – and in the following weeks.

And with only minimal cabling adjustment needed between equipment installation and Go-Live, the risk of you not meeting your target timescale is minimised.

Structured or Unstructured cabling system – Which one is best

Unstructured cabling system represents a jumbled mess of wires when the optical links are set up from device to device without using a patch panel. As a result of this, the unstructured infrastructure lacks order and can easily become congested with the amount of optical patch cords. The routing of fresh patch cords can be a hassle because the absence of order requires the patch cords to be routed through undesirable areas, for example, the ground or the ceiling. Also, the data centres having unstructured infrastructure tend to be overheating as the congestion contributes to restricted airflow.

As the name implies, the structured cabling system is a complex system of cables and wires that are handled through patch panels for improved control. Aside from the typical expenses, the structured wires need additional investment in the shape of pre-terminated MPO cabling to help create a systemized cabling infrastructure. As a result of this, the whole system is readily scalable and a lot easier to handle.

Aside from the downsides of expensive nature and link-loss budget, the structured cabling system remains a favourite choice among many organizations because of the ease of use that accompanies it. So, the component of well-organized cables easily trumps the unstructured cabling system.

Through a managed cable infrastructure system, each rack has default Copper (Cat 6a) and Optional Fibre connections provided by our certified installers back to a central patching platform to connect you anywhere in the data centre.

We can also do custom cable infrastructure inside your racks, or just make use of our easy to use system of inter-rack cabling for adjoining racks.

With a simple patch, installed in just a few hours we can connect you anywhere in the data centre.

Lower energy consumption & easy future expansion

The unstructured cabling infrastructure includes high energy prices, a limited life cycle and is hard to expand when it comes to introducing new devices to the present system. It’s low setup costs and can be easily installed. However, the absence of order makes it confront excessive downtime that affects the overall performance. Comparatively, the structured system is hard to set up, has high installation costs nonetheless, the high performance and its readily buildable nature easily trumps its drawbacks. Having said that, selecting the infrastructure solely comes to your tastes and building space.

Data Centre Cabling

Cabling is the foundation of each datacentre, so it’s fundamental to get the setting right and demand legitimate cabling design. The cabling arrangement is a fundamental component of a datacentre. It is important to assemble datacentre infrastructure with an all-encompassing means to deal with bolster future advances and business congruity/requests. As on account of various other projects, any successful implementation of a datacentre requires an organized effort from accountable groups.

Data centre cabling from the top is normally considered for better management and improved airflow plan. Imperative parameters that affect the cabling pathways are the rack depth, sort/count/diameter of connections, end gear cable entry & the space height.
Today datacentre owners face another challenge: cooling and airflow issues. Cable routing and configuration can radically impact and affect airflow design efficiency. This applies to the individual racks and in addition to pathways covering the overall datacentre design.

Cabling problems go beyond power cords on the grounds that every server is associated with system wires, and coping with these copper/fibre cables is exceptionally basic. Being large thorough, dealing with these cables is simple, in order to guarantee they do not hinder the heat dissipation. Correct cable management arrangements should help keep up the correct twist radius of both copper and fibre cables.

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