PC & IT Move

PC & IT Move

As part of PC & IT Move service, Connectium will provide assistance and support throughout the preparation stage.

More often than not, the relocation companies are waiting for your call when you ready to move your office.

At Connectium we want to be involved in the planning to get a full understanding of your requirements and expectations. Whether there is five users or a hundred, we strive for excellence in service delivery and within the timescales allocated.

As part of the PC & IT Move service, we will assign a project manager who:

  • will make a site survey of the collection and destination sites
  • will customize the project plan specifically to your requirements
  • make a floor plan if requested
  • Identify all the users that will be relocated and label the equipment

Every user will have a label with the user name or ID, and all the equipment will be protected by anti-static bubble-wrap and carefully packed in the allocated crate.

Once the equipment has arrived at the destination we will:

  • Position, every user as per floor plan agreed
  • Power on the machine to confirm functionality if required
  • If new equipment is installed, we will dispose of the packaging

We understand that every project is diverse, that is why we value our clients and provide them with all the documentation necessary to prepare for the move.

Whether you’re looking to move a single server or an entire data centre, we can help you eliminate the risks of data loss, minimize the downtime and operational costs.