Data Centre Cabling

Understanding the importance of high-quality equipment and cable management, we’re offering a full range of solutions to meet your data cabling requirements and minimize the downtime on the migration. Before the data centre and server relocation, our engineers will site survey the destination site and pre-cable the environment with custom-made or pre-made cables. We recommend using pre-made cables only when we are working against tight time-frames due to the following reasons:

  • extra slack of cable that is not necessary
  • use of space within the rack
  • non-aesthetical look
  • obstructing the cooling of your devices
  • difficult to manage and maintain

Hence we always encourage our customers to choose the custom-made cables when there’s enough time allocated as it will contribute to the following:

  • saving the space in the rack
  • more aesthetical look
  • helping the server with cooling and run efficiently
  • easy to manage and maintain

Pre-cabling the destination environment before the migration will play an important role overall.

Whether you’re looking to move a single server or an entire data centre, we can help you eliminate the risks of data loss, minimize the downtime and operational costs.