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If you need to move or relocate 100 servers or more, the complexities of the project – and the business interruption implications if things do not go as expected – mean it is prudent to control and minimise your risks by appointing a qualified and experienced project manager.

In fact, many people would think it prudent to have a project manager for all projects from around 40-50 servers upwards.

A project manager with this level of experience will ask searching questions you’ve probably never considered. To ensure every critical aspect is planned for.

A qualified project manager will produce a plan with all the critical-path activities identified. He or she will also identify where the highest potential risks are and help you to develop ‘Plan B’ contingencies in case any of the risk events should occur.

Most IT departments only have the need for this level of professional project manager just once every four or five years – so it doesn’t make sense to have such a person on the payroll.

That’s where you need to be able to appoint an external project manager with well-proven experience in server and IT relocation projects and technology refresh programmes.

Why choose Connectium for project management?

Over the last decade the Connectium team have project-managed many hundreds of server relocation projects.

You can rely on Connectium to undertake a full scoping of your project requirements, digging deep with our questioning and undertaking a detailed risk assessment – preparing contingency plans for the critical and major potential risks.

Assisting you to break the project into logical phases helps minimise business disruption Connectium will produce an itemised project plan – against which our project managers will manage the works for you.

You’ll be provided with weekly and monthly status reports with all issues being identified, reported, and resolved for you.

Above all, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that all of the potential challenges will have been identified and planned for well ahead of the project

So there are no surprises and you can be certain you will meet your Go-Live target.

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