Data Centre & Server Relocation

Are you moving offices and your servers need to be removed, transported and re-installed at your new location?

Perhaps your company has taken a business decision to relocate to a co-location datacentre – with the benefits of their 24*7*365 infrastructure and smart-hands support?

Or maybe you’ve made a strategic decision to move your servers from one datacentre to another that better matches your business requirements?

Secure Moving, Transportation & Relocating

Whatever the reason you need to move, you know it – server relocation is not a simple task.

Before the move, you need to have 100% accurate documentation of each server, switch and their network and management ports.  You need to have a full record of the interconnections and patching so that this can be accurately reproduced at the new location.

You need to get the move done in the minimum possible time – so that you can manage the level of business interruption.  Often, you’ll need the move done at a weekend, bank holiday, or even over-night. So you will need a company willing to work to your timescales.

To aid this, you need your new location to be pre-cabled, prior to move day, so that when the servers arrive at your new site, engineers can simply:

  • unpack the servers and any other equipment
  • mount them in the correct position in the new racks
  • connect the pre-cabled copper and fibre cables
  • power-up, test and be ready for your Go-Live target.

You need the assurance that all of your equipment will be correctly labelled, transit-packed, protected and transported by specialists in secure trucks that are never left un-manned and where all your equipment is fully insured.

For this to happen smoothly and quickly you need experts who have done data centre relocations thousands of times.

Why choose Connectium for your relocation project?

The Connectium team has been conducting IT and server relocation projects for almost a decade.

You will have the confidence of working with a team that has perfected the art of stress-free, fully managed IT and server migration projects – where everything is done for you.

Your Connectium team will conduct a pre-move auditing of all your equipment, document their rack-locations and all the interconnections.  They will pre-cable your new location using factory pre-terminated and tested copper and fibre cabling – set to simply plug-in to your equipment when it is re-racked.

Connectium will provide you with a complete plan for the move/relocation, re-confirming that everything is ready prior to any equipment being disconnected.  Skilled engineers will de-rack, label and pack the equipment for transit by Connectium’s own vehicles to your new location to complete the server relocation.

Working to the documentation, the entire system will be re-built in the minimum timescale ready for testing. Allowing planned time for any final adjustments well in time for the agreed Go-Live target.

And if you’d like the safety-net of Connectium engineers remaining on site after commissioning, then of course we can happily do that for you too.

Our unique combination of knowledge and logistical abilities means that we can offer complex services with minimal downtime for your organization.

Whether you are relocating one server or transferring your whole data centre; we offer fully managed IT and business server relocation services entirely tailored to your needs.

Our relocation experts offer a complete resource, infrastructure, and technical expertise to completely relocate datacentre equipment or individual racks and servers from one site to another – throughout the UK and the rest of Europe.

Years of accumulated experience and knowledge working on delivering projects from 10 to 800 servers, guarantees the most reliable, time and cost-efficient datacentre migration, server and IT hardware relocation services.

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