Server Relocation

Data Centre & Server Migration
A data centre and server relocation is not just about moving servers and plugging them in at their new locale. In reality, data centre and server migration can be one of a company’s most complex and challenging endeavors. With mission critical information, the failure of any key steps in the process can have potentially devastating consequences.

Connectium team members have leveraged best practices of data centre and server relocation to help you achieve migration objectives and eliminate the unduly disruption of your business.

Our expertise spans all aspects of your data centre and server migration, from initial assessment to the final disposal, to protect the integrity of your data and physical system components.

Our end goal is to migrate the servers providing the maximum level of protection and minimum downtime possible.

Whether you’re looking to move a single server or an entire data centre, we can help you eliminate the risks of data loss, minimize the downtime and operational costs.