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Connectium is the leading specialist in data centre and server room moves and migrations.  As well as office and building IT and PC moves.

Many companies claim to undertake these activities. But the vast majority are not specialists.

And so things go wrong, emergencies happen, and Go-Live dates are missed. There are often expensive and sometimes disastrous repercusisons for you and your company.

Connectium minimises your risk!

Because Connectium has specialised in the area of moves and migrations, we are now leading experts in risk-reduction, contingency planning, project management and meeting your critical Go-Live dates.

The Connectium team have decades of experience between them and have completed many hundreds of highly successful audits, moves, migration and cabling projects for our clients.

Connectium will Keep You Safe!

With Connectium as your project partner, you benefit immediately from decades of experience in risk-reduction and project planning. You’ll know exactly where your risks lie, with contingency plans in place so that there are no ‘surprises’ waiting to de-rail your project.

These are some of the secret ingredients Connectium brings, to ensure you deliver your high-risk project without hitches, and well in time for your Go-Live target.

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Large enough for major projects; small enough to care about your success.

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