IT Relocation

One of the biggest challenges for IT staff is when your company decides to move offices.

It could be a move across town to a new building, or it could be a series of phased moves within your buildings or campus – to enable spaces to be emptied for refurbishment or remodelling.

Alternatively, it could be that you’re doing a technology refresh, replacing out-dated PC hardware with hundreds of new, up-to-date pieces of equipment.

Whatever the reason: Suddenly you’re faced with the prospect of moving hundreds of PCs, screens, printers, scanners (IT relocation).

Usually, the entire move needs to be done over one or more weekends – or even in overnight phases. Each item of hardware needs to be de-installed, labelled, packed, transported, unpacked, re-installed, re-connected and working for 8 am the next workday morning.

That’s pressure!

Your IT relocation & PC transport is a crucial assignment

…and not for the faint-hearted!

Of course, most IT departments don’t have the number of people needed, nor are they trained in the specialist skill of getting this right first time and ensuring the Go-Live target is achieved.

The real skill in risk minimisation is the pre-planning of your IT relocation.

Accurate documentation of the equipment per desk and per location must be created before the move. Comprehensive labelling and port connectivity ensure that the equipment can be installed, located and re-connected to the office network infrastructure.

If all of the pre-planning and preparation is organised and done correctly then the re-installation task will be straightforward: Plug, play, test, ready for service.

If you don’t have experienced, professional project managers planning and overseeing your move, it is likely to be far more problematic, with lots of fault-finding and remediation needed. This would slow things down and create a serious risk of missing your Go-Live target.

Why choose Connectium for your relocation/moving process?

You need the assurance of a team of Engineers and Project Managers with the experience and expertise to pre-plan and successfully implement your move.  The Connectium team have been doing exactly this for nearly a decade – and for hundreds of successful moves (IT relocations).

Your Connectium project manager will ask questions about things you probably haven’t considered – because they know all the pitfalls.  This risk assessment ensures that all eventualities are planned for and ‘plan-B’ contingencies are put in place before the move.

Because there’s nothing higher-risk than an emergency during your move (IT relocation).

Connectium will ensure the whole equipment-park is documented and labelled.  Experienced engineers will disconnect, label and pack in specialised IT-crates before transporting in Connectium 24*7 securely manned and fully insured vehicles to your new location.

Before the IT relocation, Connectium engineers will have overseen and audited the preparations at the new site – so they’re signed-off as ‘ready to receive’.

Connectium can even pre-patch the wiring closets and provide new factory tested and certified cords if required. Then the engineers will perform a power-up and network connection check on every single item if you wish.

All of which adds up to the lowest stress, lowest risk and fastest IT relocation you can imagine.

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