“Moving? 100% hassle free.”

Moving your technology infrastructure can be a smooth operation or a complete nightmare. This is why it’s always recommended to hire an experienced team to manage this, since they will be much better suited to overcome any challenges that may arise in the moving process.

Moving data center and servers can be a breeze when you have the right team in charge.

Technology moves are stressful, so why would you risk not having one of the best teams in the UK managing your relocation? Planning is one of the most important parts of relocating servers or a data centre, and that planning is not just at the destination site. We look at your entire technology infrastructure and note every cable and every switch. Then we look at the destination site to make sure that it can manage the incoming payload and plan out the pre-cabling structure.

data centre 2 Data Centre & Server Relocation

Moving will need some planning around business hours, since the last thing 17 any business wants is to move during a busy time period, with downtime negatively impacting their revenue streams. As such, Connectium works around your busy times, moving your infrastructure over the weekend, on bank holidays and overnight, massively reducing business interruptions.

Once the strategy has been determined, it’s time to get to work. We precable the destination site, so that on moving day, it’s just a matter of unpacking the servers, mounting them on the right rack positions, and connecting the cables, and powering up for testing. This is why planning is so key to your relocation project.

Why choose Connectium for your data center and server relocation?

Data centre and server relocation is not for the faint of heart. Anything can go wrong and you want a team that really knows what they are doing. Connectium is that team.

With over 30 years of combined experience, you’ll have the peace of mind that every possible risk will be planned for and your relocation will be as smooth as butter.

  • Hassle free moving
  • Overnight, weekend and bank holiday moving options
  • Pre-cabling at destination site
  • Limit your surprises and downtime
  • Meet your Go-Live target!