“Messy cables? We’ll sort it.”

When you think of the most important parts of your data centre or server room, “non-tech” people think of the hardware, but it’s the cabling, because without cables, nothing works. Our entire world runs on cables, and even our ‘wireless’ internet is wired.

Changes happen in every organisation and with every project, especially technology ones. Equipment gets added, removed, upgraded and changed, and that will involve some level of cabling. But over time, that neat and tidy cable heaven can become a tangled mess, leaving fault finding missions challenging and efficiency impossible.

ServerRoomDataCabling Server Room and Data Centre Cabling

Bring your server room and data centre back under control.

Over time with constant moving, additions and changes, your server room and data centre cabling can become untidy and unruly, which gets in 12 the way of efficient operations and fault-finding.

Bringing your server room or data centre cabling back to a ‘brand new’ look is key to efficient fault-finding and best practice for smooth operation. The team can work in out of hours phases to maintain minimal disruption to your business’s operations.

When relocating or migrating servers, pre-cabling and pre-patching at the destination site is core to ensuring a smooth transition with fewer risks to be mitigated, and an immediate connection to pre-installed cables to meet your Go-Live target.

Why choose Connectium for your data center cabling?

When your server room or data centre cabling starts to look like a jungle, you need a competent team to bring it back to civilisation.

The Connectium team has over 30 years of hands-on experienced combined, with cabling server rooms and data centres for relocations, migrations and updates, deploying factory-tested and certified cables to reduce the risk of connectivity failures and remediation.

  • In-depth risk assessments
  • Project planning with contingencies
  • Consistent status reports
  • Limit your surprises and downtime
  • Meet your Go-Live target