Project Management
  • In-depth risk assessments
  • Project planning with contingencies
  • Limit your surprises and downtime

Experienced IT project managers forecast risks you never considered, massively reducing downtime....

Server Room and Data Centre Cabling
  • Better fault finding
  • Limit your downtime
  • In-depth risk assessments

Proper cabling can ensure that your business has less downtime when faults happen....

Data Centre Audit
  • In-depth audits
  • Non-invasive techniques
  • Out of hours physical trace

When trouble strikes, you need an updated map to guide your fault-finding journey…...

Data Centre & Server Relocation
  • In-depth risk assessments and contingencies
  • Pre-cabling at destination site
  • Reduced downtime

You can count on us to move your technology safely and reduce your downtime tremendously...