What It Involves

“Make choices that help you build for the future.”

Data migration is a complex and challenging process that requires careful planning, execution and management. Whether you are moving data from one system to another, from one location to another, or from one cloud platform to another, you need a partner who can guide you through the best practices and strategies to ensure a successful outcome.

At Connectium, we offer consulting services for data migration projects of any size and scope. Our consultants have extensive experience and expertise in data migration, data centre design and operations, cloud strategies, business case development and more.

Understanding The Need

Helping Your Business through experienced Decisions.

Making the right choices for your business requires informed decisions. Our consulting services equips you with years of knowledge and expertise to optimise your IT infrastructure and unlock its full potential. From advising clients on site selection and acquisition to developing business cases for relocations and migrations, our team of experienced consultants is dedicated to helping you make the right choices that align with your business goals.

How We Can Assist

We don’t just help solve todays problems. We look to prevent them.

At Connectium, we go beyond offering qualified technical advisors to assist you with your data-related challenges. Our team brings a wealth of experience, having successfully managed numerous server and IT relocation projects. With over 30 years of combined expertise, you can trust that our consulting services will provide the right guidance and solutions for your business needs. Partner with us to access our tools to drive your business forward with confidence.

  • Advising on site selection and site acquisition for your data centre or server room relocation.
  • Developing a data migration strategy that aligns with your business goals and budget.
  • Creating a business case for your data migration project that demonstrates the benefits and risks of the move.
  • Advising on cloud strategies and solutions that suit your data needs and preferences.
  • Designing a new target operating model that optimises your data centre or server room performance and efficiency.
  • Providing best practices for data centre design, build and operations, including power, cooling, UPS and security.
  • Conducting data centre M+E audits to assess the current state of your infrastructure and identify areas for improvement.
  • Helping with consolidation projects to reduce costs and complexity of your data environment.
  • Providing expertise on disaster recovery and backup solutions to ensure business continuity and resilience.